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Private Art Lessons by the Hour

$60 per hour (2 hour minimum), plus materials. 
Each lesson is tailored to your individual skills and goals.
The first hour is FREE, to evaluate your level, 
to go over the material list and set a lesson plan together.


Do you want to get in touch with your creative side? Always wondered what it would take to paint or draw?

Looking for an activity that will mentally/emotionally take you to a place where time stands still? 

Are you open to adding some creativity into your life?

This is a supportive and inspiring environment in which to do all of the above.

I’ll share my knowledge and experience of creating art with you because that’s what I love doing. 

Actually, I consider myself more of a coach than an instructor.

My prices are reasonable. I charge $60 per hour with a two-hour minimum per session.

I understand people’s schedule demands and am happy to work around them.

The first session is devoted to setting creative goals, evaluating your skill level and going over materials.

I give you the very first hour free of charge. All ages 15 and over welcome.

You can learn to paint in Oil, Acrylic or Watercolor.

We will go over drawing basics to improve painting skills and will

also touch on some basics in color theory, perspective,

light and shadows and composition. I think you’ll enjoy what I have to show you. 

Before you know it, you’ll be making artwork you can be proud of.

I do give home assignments but nothing stressful, I promise. I take personal pride in what each of my students does.




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