I'm happy to say that I've been very busy lately!

From painting a utility box for Burbank to painting signs for my local Farmers Market and more... I've been super busy with a paint brush in my hand daily. The rush of activity started about three wekks ago at the Joshua Tree Music Festival and I'm still painting on something every day since. Yay for the life of an artist when it's high production days!

Burbank Beautification Project

How honored I am to have been an accepted artist to help beautify Burbank streets by being assigned a utility box to paint! On October 12, 2015 I started the process of cleaning and priming my box. Seven days later I clear coated my painting to protect it from the elements and any possible graffiti. I chose a cubist composition due to the box shape, size and having to paint around the DWP Stickers. I wanted to paint something bright and chearful. The days were quite hot while I was painting, but in the end, it was well worth the effort. Knowing that this is a permanent public piece of art to be enjoyed by folks. Here are a few photos of the process and the completed box. If you're in the are

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