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Just so you know...I moved to Fresno in 2020.

I'm calling this my Produce Period. I've been painting a lot of veggies and fruit. Back to working in oils and loving it!
8" x 8" Oil on canvas "Onion"

I hope you are doing well and 2022 is treating you well.

Just want to let you all know what's new with me. I was preoccupied with the big move and home projects in 2020 and 2021, but recently I've been back to painting more. I'm calling this my "Produce Period" because I'm painting these vegetable still lifes and loving the process. Painting on smaller surfaces is less intimidating and getting back into painting in oils is wonderful. Kinda like seeing and old friend after too much time and distance.

I intend to get back to my larger "Kubist" compositions again but for now this is what I'm doing. Maybe being in the salad bowl of the country is influencing my painting?


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